LUIS to the power of Teneo allows you to combine the NLU-power of Microsoft LUIS with the conversational power of Teneo. These pages show you how to setup your LUIS^Teneo solution and how to make the most of LUIS intents and Entities in Teneo.

Luis to the power of Teneo

A webinar on LUIS^Teneo is available here.

Why LUIS^Teneo?

Teneo’s Conversational IDE and Runtime integrates with MS LUIS, allowing businesses to build bots and maximize their resources through rapid prototyping, fast implementation times, increased functionality and greater scalability.

Fast Development

Whether you are planning an ambitious bot project or just want to quickly build your first prototype, LUIS^Teneo increases your productivity and accelerates development up to 2x faster than traditional MS LUIS development practices.

Comprehensive Tools

LUIS^Teneo provides one of the most powerful development toolsets in the market to easily build, maintain, and grow enterprise-grade bots, no matter the extension of your project. You have full control of the development process and the tools.

Highly Scalable Solutions

Reuse the knowledge you build with LUIS^Teneo across business cases. Our Saas-based offering makes it easier for you to start small, and then scale your solutions for high volumes and across multiple channels & languages.

In this 'LUIS^Teneo' you will learn how to:

  • Create a LUIS^Teneo solution.
  • Add a LUIS intent with flows that contain the logic needed to resolve specific question of the user.
  • Working with entities in LUIS and using them in Teneo.

Once you're ready to make your chatbot available on multiple channels, move over to Deploy your bot where you'll find documentation on our SDK's and example connectors for platforms like Microsoft Bot Framework, Slack, Facebook Messenger, and Google Assistant.

Where to go next?

Start your LUIS^Teneo journey with LUIS^Teneo in 10 minutes.

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